What is the Soap Cinch®?
The Soap Cinch® is the next generation of bathing devices. By combining premium function with elegant design, it has literally redefined the way we bath and has set a new “bar” for performance, convenience, and cost savings within the bathing industry.

Why do I need one?
Your skin will probably never reach the full potential it will with the use of Soap Cinch® verses without.

How do I use it?
You use it just as you would with most bathing devices in whatever manner is best for you; only now you will possess advantages and results like never before!

Can you over-use the Soap Cinch® or use it too often?
NO (with normal bathing practices), you can use it as often as you like. The only reports associated with frequent use have been unprecedented positive results.

Will the Soap Cinch® dry my skin?
NO. In most cases where adverse effects on the skin occur with bathing are normally because of the type of soap being used, not the device. If the soap bar you are currently using works well for you and does not bother your skin; then using it with the Soap Cinch® will most likely yield the same results – only better! Exfoliating and cleansing your skin in the unique manner that the Soap Cinch® provides will produce unprecedented positive results. We recommend using a mild natural soap that is hypoallergenic (like the Soap Cinch®) and free from harsh perfumes or similar ingredients as these additives are usually the culprit for negative skin reactions.

I use liquid soap, can I still use the Soap Cinch®?
YES. Although the Soap Cinch® somewhat depends on the rigidity of the soap bar to help give it form, liquid soaps can still be used. We get this question a lot. When we do, we first ask; “Why did you start using liquid soap in the first place?” 99% of the time we get a response of “I was tired of trying to get my soap-bar to lather with my washing device – liquid soap was easier and faster for me to get a good lather with.” – Not anymore! While this statement may be true for other devices, it is definitely not true for the Soap Cinch® because when the Soap Cinch® is used with a bar of soap, it will out-lather most liquid soaps hands down. You must use it to believe it.

What is the texture like; is it rough on my skin like other loofahs?
NO. The texture of the Soap Cinch® is the perfect blend of hemp fibers. It has enough “bite” for proper exfoliation and skin conditioning, but is still soft enough that you will probably forget that you’re using something very beneficial for your skin.

Should I wash the Soap Cinch®?

How do I wash the Soap Cinch®?
We recommend washing it in your washing machine with hot water and bleach along with other clothes that you would normally wash in these settings. Doing so will help sanitize and disinfect it.

How often should I wash the Soap Cinch®?
There is no absolute answer to this question due to the contributing factors that warrant washing the Soap Cinch® in the first place, (frequency, duration, & intensity of use) which can be so drastically different based on each user. As a general practice, we recommend washing the Soap Cinch® at least once a week with use.

How long is the Soap Cinch® good for / how long does it last?
Again, there is no absolute answer to this question based on the same reasons as stated above. As a general practice, we recommend replacing the Soap Cinch® about once a month to ensure proper performance.

I have limited range of motion with my upper body; can I still use the back-washing feature of the Soap Cinch®?
YES. The Soap Cinch®, when fully loaded with soap, stretches to about 16” long. In cases where this is not enough reach, we recommend looping 2 Soap Cinch’s® together at each end of the elastic. This produces a double Soap Cinch® that will stretch over 30 inches which is almost three feet and should give you enough reach. Another nice feature of this design is that the double Soap Cinch® still fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and continues to give you the single handed control it is known for, even though you would now be washing with (2) Soap Cinch’s® instead of just one. Please see the Usage Tips page for more information.

The Soap Bar vs. Liquid Soap

The Overview
As many nutritionists will tell us, it is wise to sparingly consume fats within our diet; particularly staying away from those that are solid at room temperature like butter, margarine, or lard. The reason being is that these are the worst for our body. They are the highest in concentrated fats, trans-fats, and cholesterol that are the leading cause of heart disease among other terminal health conditions. Instead, dieticians suggest that we should consume small amounts of fats that are liquid at room temperature such olive oil because they are lower in bad fats and higher in good fats and good cholesterol.

While this is true for the health of our internal body, it is the exact opposite for the health of our external body; i.e., our skin. The greatest nutritional value for our skin with the highest concentration of good fats and oils are found in solid soap – not liquid soap.  The reasoning is the same as explained above but in reverse. Instead of holding back on fats, we want to increase the essential fat/oil content of those products we put on our skin for maximum daily nutritional value since it’s our skin that is continuously exposed to the elements and is constantly depleted of valuable nutrients. This is why a high fat, “external diet” is what our skin needs. For those who are blessed with oily skin, a good clay bar is your best bet – to our knowledge, there are no clay liquid soaps as this would defeat the purpose. Clay is best in solid form - if you were to water it down into a liquid form, it would just become diluted.

How does solid soap accomplish this? Solid soap bars deliver the very valuable, good fats and oils compressed into solid form; which is the fats natural state; the most concentrated form; and the best for our skin as explained above. The solid bar form is also the method that has the means to best deliver these nutrients to our skin in the purest form, meaning “fillers” or other unnecessary ingredients that are for the purpose of soap "appearance" and not skin health are hardly needed. Liquid soaps on the other hand have several ingredients that are strictly used for the sake of being liquid and not for the skin itself.

What Is Your Priority – Skin Health Or Marketability?
Liquid soaps were primarily developed for one thing – Sales! Getting you clean is a secondary byproduct that is kept in mind. If skin health was the primary goal and shape or consistency was not, solid soaps are all there would be. Instead, the presentation and marketability of liquid soap is the main focus. Because it is liquid (a marketing ploy) many “other” ingredients (fillers and emulsifiers) must be added to ensure the liquid soap stays properly and equally mixed or “entrained” for a long shelf life and good marketing appearance. If these “extra ingredients” weren’t added, the liquid soaps would separate out like the oil and vinegar does on the dinner table. In fact, many of the “extra ingredients” are also know skin irritants which consequently generate the sales of more skin products like creams and lotions – a win/win for the liquid soap manufacturer! If you take the time to read the ingredients on the label, you would be hard-pressed (no pun intended) to find any essential oils at all as they are very difficult to keep equally entrained. Now, if eating foods without additives or preservatives is a desired result – why would we want to use soap on our skin with additives or preservatives? Remember, anything we put on our skin gets filtered through our liver. In short, if you can’t pronounce the ingredients on a product, it’s probably best not to consume it nor put it on your skin. 

Why was liquid soap developed anyway?
Easy lather. That’s it! In the past, bar soaps were all that were available.  For a good lather, you have to chafe them against a wash rag (or similar) which can be a little annoying. Then along came the plastic pouf – the liquid soap manufacturer's dream. The pouf was introduced into the public domain without any real legal protection, making it fair game for just about anyone to produce and/or sell. These became the liquid soap manufacturers’ favorite item to sell or give away as they ensured the constant consumption of liquid soap at a rate almost double to that of bar soap and at a price almost triple to bar soap – it's easy to understand why we see pouf & liquid soap kits all over the stores. 

This business model is very similar to the vacuum cleaner industry. Before the industry-setting Dyson came out with the bag-less, vortex, collection-cup vacuum, the real money was made in selling the replacement bags – the vacuum was just a means to sell more bags. The Dyson has set the standard for vacuums of today and has all but put the vacuum bag manufactures out of business. We congratulate Dyson on its success and predict that the liquid soap/pouf markets will follow a similar fate with the introduction of the Soap Cinch®.  It eliminates the need for liquid soap and gets us back to the basics of good skin health by using a good quality, natural bar soap and allows you to wash your whole body with lather unmatched by other devices.  For those of you interested in why we get ideas in the shower, click here.

Linda Wells, Editor in Chief of "Allure" appeared on The Tyra Banks Show on December 12, 2006 to promote her then new book that included her 10 commandments of beauty.  Commandment #6 states to choose washcloths over loofahs and poufs (which are breeding grounds for bacteria & fungi) because washcloths are machine washable.  

- This is one of the many reasons why the Soap Cinch® is the perfect choice to bathe your body with.  Besides outperforming loofahs, washcloths, and puffs combined, the Soap Cinch® is also machine washable.  Periodically washing your Soap Cinch® with hot water and bleach will help ensure it remains bacterial and fungi free.  This is one more reason why the Soap Cinch® IS - The Next Generation of Bathing!™